Level 1 Food Safety – Manufacturing

The Level 1 National Award in Food Safety in Catering qualification is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills to work hygienically and safely in the food industry.

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Level 1 Food Safety - Manufacturing course provides practical knowledge of food safety and hygiene practices, specifically for individuals working in food manufacturing. As you mentioned, it's important for food handlers and employers to understand the seriousness of food safety standards as stated by UK and EU laws.

In fact, there are several legal requirements that food businesses must comply with, including the Food Safety Act 1990, which outlines the responsibility of food businesses to ensure food is safe for consumption, as well as the General Food Law Regulation (EC) No 178/2002, which sets out general food safety principles such as traceability and risk analysis.

By taking the Level 1 Food Safety - Manufacturing course, individuals can gain practical skills on how to handle food, store it safely and prevent contamination, which can help them comply with legal requirements and ensure the safety of consumers. It can also be beneficial to career progression in the food and beverage industry, as many employers require staff to have some level of food safety training.

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Marvel Training is a leading online provider for several accrediting bodies and that they offer learners the opportunity to take exclusive courses awarded by CPD & RoSPA. This can provide learners with the assurance that the training they receive meets high standards of quality and is recognized within their industry.

Marvel Training gives their fullest attention to learners' needs and ensures they have the necessary information required to proceed with the course. This can help learners feel supported throughout their training and improve their overall learning experience.

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